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online-fairy asked:

bless your blog honestly. also, i think you would be interested in this documentary that i have watched actually twice, i dont remember whats its actual title, but you can find it on youtube as "evidence feminists hate facts" or something similar to that, it is very interesting indeed. its about "pay gap" and why women and men choose careers they choose. anyway, have a good day ^_^




Think this is it for anyone interested. 

Actually pretty interesting. And show that there are biological differences between male and female interests at literally day one of life. Before social aspects could even be a factor. 

Also worth nothing that this shows that the most modernized and most equal nations have the largest gap in career choices between genders. 

And this dudes face towards the end of trying to show all these studies to the feminists is a pretty accurate depiction of my own reactions. 




Anonymous asked:

i don't understand why you even argue with 14 year old girls on the internet, I just ignore them whenever they bring up politics because it's usually some whiny strawman shit they read on tumblr or some other site. you are literally arguing with children, female children, and you cannot expect them to be rational.

I don’t expect anything rational. It’s for the laughs more than anything.





Yes, refusal to unfollow and constant rebloging, liking, and replying of somone’s posts counts as harassment, but why dont you care about real problems like reverse racism heterophobia and cisphobia? thats the honest question here.


You mean…

Tumblr staff confirmed SJWs.

it’s fake m8

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