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Shulk/Lucina players are pretty shit too.

i dont get lucina at all :/ everything but her counter feels really shit, even her standard attacks feel like a whole load of nothing

Lucina main reporting.

>forward smash is great for edge guarding

>down portion of f-special neutral is good for edge guarding too

>f-special i your main combo, forget about your A button unless your warding off foes

>neutral special is good if you catch them by surprise

>her aerials have great coverage

>bair is good for gimping


>always up taunt

I like Lucina but she’s a really boring character.


Anonymous asked:

Sometimes I'm afraid of saying my thoughts on Gamergate (I support it) because I'm afraid that people will hate me for it.

Never be afraid of what you believe in.


Anonymous asked:

Webcomic author, best known for Gunshow and/or Anime Club. I couldn't tell you any details about his friends though, seems like he got roped into "I hear its bad, so it must be bad" camp.

Anonymous asked:

KC green has said, and this is as close to an exact quote as i can remember, "im not sure what gamergate is but my friends are getting hate for it so i know i don't like it" rip

Who’s KC green?


Anonymous asked:

Win or lose, I have lost so much respect for some of my favorite people through gamergate. I dont know if it's infuriating or enlightening. So many people I respected, now feminist sheep.

>tfw C148 came out as antiGG

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